Building Financial Walls Against Damaging Floods

Our insurance agency in San Marcos, TX offers various flood insurance options to protect you against the financial and personal devastating effects of floods. We provide plans from different companies, including the well-known Germania flood insurance.

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What Exactly is Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is a form of property insurance that can cover losses incurred due to water damage caused by flooding. Flooding is often the result of heavy or continuous rain, coastal storm surges, melting snow, or even a levee dam failure.

It should be noted that unless supplementary insurance is taken, such as the kind provided by Foremost Signature or Germania Insurance, damage caused by flooding won’t be covered by the standard residential or commercial policies. Thus, it is vital to have dedicated flood insurance for financial protection.

How Does Flood Insurance Help?

Flood insurance policies help by giving you specialized coverage in case of floodwater damage. This is important, because flood insurance policies are not the same as the standard hazard coverage found in many basic commercial or residential policies.

To illustrate, a regular Germania insurance policy will only cover interior water damage caused by broken pipes or heavy rains. In order to cover damage done by floodwater, property owners must get a specific Germania flood insurance policy.

In order to enjoy complete financial protection for your property and its contents, getting a flood insurance policy from your favored insurance agency in San Marcos, TX is recommended. Flood insurance is essential, especially if you live within a flood-prone area.

Benefits of Flood Insurance

It’s not enough for our insurance agency in San Marcos, TX to say ‘flood insurance is a must.’ Here's a list of a few amazing benefits you can enjoy when considering getting flood insurance, whether from Foremost Signature or Germania Insurance.

Available to All

Flood insurance is available for business owners and homeowners, even if the insured property is not located in a flood-prone area.

Specialized Coverage

As a specialized insurance type, flood insurance will give full coverage when a flood occurs., something standard forms of insurance won’t do.

Different Policy Values

Flood insurance can cover different policy values as needed by homeowners and business owners, sometimes as high as $250,000 and more.

Can Be Customized

While flood insurance already covers a lot, it can be further customized to also include structural property damage or car loss due to flooding.

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