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Our Texas insurance agency offers diverse and flexible group health insurance that will benefit members and employees of organizations and companies. All are provided through different companies such as Germania and Progressive.

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What Is Group Health Insurance?

Group Health Insurance is a type of insurance plan that business owners or organization heads can avail for their group members. This insurance is often attained at a reduced cost as the insurer’s risk is spread throughout the other members of the group.

Supplementary plans or add-ons are available, but their inclusion will depend on whether or not the parent organization opted in for additional plans or add-ons. If they did, all members within the group health insurance plan can enjoy them.

How Does Group Health Insurance Work?

Group health insurance is purchased by companies and then offered to employees. However, for a group health insurance plan to be valid, at least 70% of the employees must participate.

Individual purchases are not available. Since these premiums are divided between the company and its members, group health insurance is more affordable than individual plans.

Some insurance providers offer tiered plans. These plans offer the insured groups the option to choose basic insurance or more advanced coverage with some add-ons.

Some may even extend coverage to immediate family members or dependents at extra costs. As there are many different insurers, plans, as well as terms and conditions, no two group health insurance plans are the same.

Benefits of Group Health Insurance

As a premier Texas insurance agency, we can say with confidence that group health insurance will be a great boon for you and your employees. Below are a few fantastic benefits that you will be able to enjoy no matter which provider you get it from, be it Foremost Signature or Germania.

Low Cost Premiums

The plans are affordable for all members of the group who participate because the risk is shared.


Group health insurance plans are a perfect option for employees or members not covered by individual insurance.

Plans for Different Sized Groups

Many insurance providers offer plans based on the size of their business. Because of the many options available, no two plans are the same.


As with other insurance, companies of any size can customize their plans with add-ons, such as dental or pharmacy.

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